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[help-GIFT] Unable to fetch images

From: Piotr Boninski
Subject: [help-GIFT] Unable to fetch images
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 15:38:50 +0200


I set up gift on few boxes and everything was (usually) ok, but now i've the
problem i can't deal with. When i try to index a collection, i pass feature
extraction phase, during a creation of inverted file i get many messages

Writing Chunk for Feature ID 1554a. The Offset is 0x11578=71032
writing chunk of size 3
Writing Chunk for Feature ID 1554b. The Offset is 0x115a0=71072
writing chunk of size 3

And, at the end:

BEFORE checking inverted file consistencyAFTER checking inverted file
The check was successful
ERROR in generating inverted fileCAcIFFileSystem::~CAcIFFileSystem() called
CAccessor.cccalling destructor
CAccessor.cccalling destructor

So it doesn't look good. I Can run gift and get list of collections,
algorithms, etc, but when i try to fetch some images, i get 

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