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[help-GIFT] gift features

From: Mika Rummukainen
Subject: [help-GIFT] gift features
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 12:17:50 +0300 (EET DST)
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Hi everybody,

I'm recently graduated (Master of Science), now working as research assistant in
Helsinki University of Technology experimenting with the CBIR system developed
in our laboratory ( as well as with GIFT. 

Now, I'd like to know how many features (in total) there are in GIFT. Most of
the publications of Viper/GIFT say its over 80 000 but not the exact number.

My calculations based on the "Efficient access methods for content-based image
retrieval with inverted files" by H. Muller, D.McG. Squire, W. Muller and T. Pun
give me

  166 colors (color histogram)
56440 possible color block features (based on block mode color)
27648 possible features of texture features 
84254 total number of features.

Now, what am I missing here, since when I indexed a Corel collection of 59 995
images with GIFT and calculated the total number of features from the fts files
that GIFT had extracted a total number of 87 445 features was found. 

Mika Rummukainen
Master of Science (Tech.)
Laboratory of Computer and Information Science
Helsinki University of Technology

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