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Re: [help-GIFT] GIFT-Plugins

From: Wolfgang Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] GIFT-Plugins
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 09:49:24 +0200
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> Comments?
Great. Thanks for telling this list.

I fixed the PluginMaker/ according to your suggestions. The 
stuff is committed to CVS now.

> The GIFT server recognizes the plugin (at least it says it's "sane").

This is good to hear.

> Now comes some questions: how do I actually ask GIFT to use my plugin in a
> query etc? 

Your plugin has a name, which is given in the file. On startup, 
GIFT searches the ${libdir} (given at configure time) for plugins. Among 
other things, it registers the plugin under that name.

For using your plugin, just change the gift-config.mrml file. The 
cui-base-type attribute given in some algorithm tags in the gift-config.mrml 
file is exactly the name of the CQyourplugin query processor . When finding a 
cui-base-type attribute, the GIFT will use it for finding and setting up this 
plugin. During the setup the CQyourplugin will request from the GIFT that a 
CAcyourplugin be built.

Maybe, for understanding better, look into 

and in 
as well as in the doc "configuring and hacking the gift".

If there are still problems, please don't hesitate to ask more questions.

If you wrote a howto that suits you better than the configuring and hacking 
the gift documentation, this would be most welcome.

> do I HAVE to write a plugin in C++ by just editing

(and the corresponding CQu...)

Have? You mean, why there was no inheritance mechanism? Knowing Qt and its 
uic/designer tools I thought about that. However, as the PluginMaker provides 
just a frame as yet, I thought it was simpler for everybody to make the 
output of the PluginMaker just a fill-in template.

Just ask more questions if you feel the need.


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