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[help-GIFT] sub query in , argument doesn't have children

From: Prawit Chaivong
Subject: [help-GIFT] sub query in , argument doesn't have children
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 2003 03:59:10 +0700
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hi , i want to write gift-plugin (in perl lang).
And in the gift-config.mrml told me , which script that will be called (by gift server) when algorithm is "perl link" and main class come from and in method query that received some parameter that can be translated to this :

  attributes=> {
  children=> [
                               attributes=> {
'attribute-1'=>'value1', 'attribute-2'=>'value2'
                              children=> []

So i Try to print out parameter that method query received , I don't found children
what i gonna do ,if  query message is

<query-step query-step-id="1" algorothm-id="a-perl" result-size="30">
   <cui-text-query query-string="hello">

because parameter that method "query" received doesn't have a child
That mean we can't get <cui-text-query query-string="hello"> because this element should be children of of value that "query" received

thank you very much

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