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[help-GIFT] [CVS COMMIT ]Re: [bug-GIFT] gift 0.1.8/cvs24.may compilation

From: Wolfgang Müller
Subject: [help-GIFT] [CVS COMMIT ]Re: [bug-GIFT] gift 0.1.8/cvs24.may compilation bugs.
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 09:03:58 +0200

OK. The gcc stuff should work now with 3.1 (it does at my place). Perl is 
really a great language. On another note, I am really excited about the 
exception throwing/catching qualities of g++ 3.1. That's fun stuff.

Igor, could you try out the current cvs version? I'd be *very* interested in 
your answer to the question if you still have the #define const trouble. If 
so, I also could send you a ready-made distro, made here with make dist.

Fixes for the rest will follow (perl is not fixed yet, need to use strict to 
avoid this in the future). 

There is still no volunteer for porting Charmer from applet to application.


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