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Re: [help-GIFT] Searching for similarities

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] Searching for similarities
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 16:21:30 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, MUELLER Henning wrote:
> for the first question you are basically right: It is a front end
> problem. Submitting images from an external source is not possible with
> the Java Interface SnakeCharmer, but we also have a PHP Interface that
> you can test out on our webpage when you go to
> the demo section. There you can submit an image URL or submit an image
> directly from the harddisk.

Wolfgang Müller wrote:
> This is known as the page 0 problem in the literature (how to start the
> search if you do not have a suitable first image).

Well, it is not quite true that I would like to submit an image from
an external source. It would rather be an image from within my
collection. So instead of starting with a random portfolio of images,
the interface would have to allow to enter the file name of the
start image, for which usually an inverted file already exists.
May I formulate this as a feature request? I presume it should be rather
trivial to implement, more or less like an "open file" dialogue.

Henning Müller wrote:
> For the second problem I also think that you are basically right. You
> can make a quey with every image and then see if a second image has a
> very high similarity score.
> This can be automized with a perl script using to do
> the queries and then print out if the similarity of two images is above
> a certain Threshold. This is automized, but it is definitely more
> complex than a one-line shell script.

This might be a solution to my first question as well. Is there a ready
to use script which takes as input two file names (or the inverted files,
I never looked at how gift works) and outputs a score of similarity?
Maybe the one you mentioned? I never programmed in perl, so I hesitate
to dive into it, but once such a script exists it could be called from
outside by a C programme or anything else. I must admit that I dropped
gift from my hard drive due to space restrictions, so I am not ready to
test anything shortly, but of course I may reinstall a day I have more

Wolfgang Müller wrote:
> No, this is not a possibility, as you would need a computable, well-defined
> measure of similarity. In the context of *redundancy* of images this might
> work. I would think of something like:
> resize (to a standard size) and compress (to a low quality factor) all images
> then calculate a md5sum of each.
> Would you like to try that at your place? It would be interesting to know
> what became of it.

I might give it a try, although I am somewhat sceptical about the
outcome. At least it is simple to test...

Thanks for your fast and helpful replies,



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