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Re: tty debocle

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: tty debocle
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 20:41:28 +0300

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> From: Keith Runyon <>
> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 11:24:05 -0600
> How did you install emacs?
> I am using the install from msys2 via pacman
> What did you get when you run the following from *shell*?
>     c:\Users\Me>where tty
>     where tty
>     c:\Users\Me >which tty
>     which tty
>     /usr/bin/tty

So your tty.exe is the MSYS2 port, whereas mine is a native MinGW port
(I think I got it from the venerable GnuWin32 site many years ago).

This has nothing to do with Emacs, btw.

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