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[h-e-w] File extention association in Windows 10

From: Bo Johansson
Subject: [h-e-w] File extention association in Windows 10
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018 17:30:40 +0100
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I have file extentions associated with Emacs. However Microsoft has made some change, so my filetype association does not work in a good way. The handling of default apps is changed in Windows 10. "Default apps" refers to the way that Windows maps file types and protocols (like HTTP) to the Windows applications they open by default.

When I double click on a file with .myext I am getting a dialoge with a selection between two idential alternatives,"GNU Emacs: The extensible self-documenting text editor". I do not know which to select. One of them starts Emacs and the other Runemacs. The texts for the alternative is probably the "FileDescription" of the exe-file. See the src file emacs/nt/ line 31: VALUE "FileDescription", "GNU Emacs: The extensible self-documenting text editor\0".
The same text is used both in emacs.exe and runemacs.exe.

My proposal is:

1) Change the text used in the "FileDescription", so they a different for emacs, runemacs, emacsclient and emacsclientw.

2) Create, register and use ProgID like "LibreOffice.Cgm". It could be GNUemacs.txt, GNUrunemacs.txt, GNUemacsclient.txt and GNUemacsclientw.txt

Bo Johansson

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