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Re: [h-e-w] Emacs for Windows

From: Alexander Shukaev
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Emacs for Windows
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 13:18:31 +0200

Hey Eli,

DBUS?  Emacs on Windows doesn't support DBUS, AFAIK.

Well, DBUS exists for Windows, it can be built for Windows and I have it built. I have included DBUS as a feature during configuration stage and I have also linked it statically into the Emacs executable, not to introduce another additional DLL.

The binaries must be produced from unpatched upstream sources,
because otherwise the Emacs maintainers will be reluctant to deal
with any bug reports and questions about the binaries.  This means
if you want to fix some bugs, you must report them upstream, not
fix them locally.  Alternatively, you should be prepared to deal
with those questions and bug reports yourself.

The source code is untouched. I never did it with Vim and not going to do that with Emacs exactly for the reasons you described.

For binaries produced from the repository (as opposed to official
released tarballs), it is best to include some unique indication
of the last commit included in the binary, like bzr revno or git
sha1 or the exact time stamp of the last commit or checkout.
Otherwise, users will have hard time answering questions about the
exact version they are running, or figuring out whether a specific
bug is already fixed in their binary, etc.

OK, sure, I will consider that.

Binaries produced from the Emacs development trunk tend to be
broken from time to time, so it is at least no less important to
have binaries from the last official release and/or the release

Will do.

Last, but not least: the GPL requires you to have the sources
available for every package whose binaries you post, and have all
the source-level changes you made while building those binaries in
those source tarballs.  I don't see any source distributions on
your download page, maybe I missed something.

Do I have to upload sources for Emacs and all the DLLs (which are under GPL) just to fulfill this requirement? Their source code can be obtained from their developers any time. That would be a huge waste of space/time for me. Is this so strict?


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