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[h-e-w] wrong location for init.el

From: pchan8001
Subject: [h-e-w] wrong location for init.el
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 09:45:45 -0700 (PDT)

I'm very new to Emacs and am sorry if I'm asking a very basic question.  I'm
helping a professor configure the Emacs settings on some classroom computers
and are using XEmacs 21.4.22.  We have a .xemacs folder with init.el, and a
.emacs file set up for all users in their C:\users\username directory. 
There's also a HOME environment variable set to %USERPROFILE% so it knows to
look there.

When I log in, XEmacs looks in my C:\users\username directory for the
init.el file and everything loads fine.

On the same computer, when the professor logs in, it looks in his network
drive (U: drive) for the init.el file.  His profile is set up the same way
as mine, with the same init.el and .emacs file.  I can't figure out what is
telling it to look in that directory.  He does have a .xemacs folder in his
U drive.  If we disconnect his U drive as soon as we log in, then launch
XEmacs, it still tries to look in that directory and gives a warning that it
can't load the init file.

I read that site-start.el starts before init.el, but it only contains these
;;; Lines added by XEmacs_Setup
(setq package-get-package-index-file-location "C:/Program Files/XEmacs")
(setq package-get-remote '("" "pub/xemacs/packages"))
(setq efs-ftp-program-name "C:/Windows/system32/ftp.exe")
;;; End of XEmacs_Setup addition

Can anyone shed some light as to which file could be telling XEmacs to look
in his network directory?

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