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Re: [h-e-w] [windows Q] `emacs here' like windows power tool `cmdprompt

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] [windows Q] `emacs here' like windows power tool `cmdprompt here'
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 23:11:49 +0300
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On 2010-08-24 0:53, Bryan Guthrie wrote:
StackOverflow has a "How to" page that may be helpful:
The site refers to "emacsclientw.exe", but "gnuclientw.exe" settings
would be similar, for example:
; This puts "emacs" into the right-click menu in Windows Explorer.
@="C:\\emacs\\bin\\gnuclientw -q \"%L\""
Best regards,

*From:* Harry Putnam [mailto:address@hidden
*Sent:* Mon 8/23/2010 1:15 PM
*To:* address@hidden
*Cc:* address@hidden
*Subject:* [h-e-w] [windows Q] `emacs here' like windows power tool
`cmdprompt here'

My subject line is probably a miss-quote since I don't recall what the
MS `power tool' was called that allowed user to open a dos command
window at whatever directory she was browsing using a right click

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, maybe you'll know if anyone
has ever written something for emacs that would allow user to open an
emacs terminal at whatever directory she is browsing.

I use such code for "Open in Emacs..." dialog on files:

============ Makefile ===========
.PHONY: install
EMACSCLIENT_PATH=`cygpath -w $$(which emacsclientw) | sed 's=\\\\=&&&&=g'`; \ sed "s=@@path-to-emacsclient@@=$$EMACSCLIENT_PATH=g" <emacs.reg >emacs.tmp.reg; \
        reg import emacs.tmp.reg; rm emacs.tmp.reg
============ Makefile ===========

=========== emacs.reg ===========
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Open with Emacs ..."

@="@@path-to-emacsclient@@ -a runemacs -n \"%1\""
=========== emacs.reg ===========

This require Cygwin and native (non Cygwin!) GNU Emacs
and <emacs-root>\bin under PATH.

Best regards!

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