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[h-e-w] problems with RCS rcsdiff and checkout co.exe in emacs 22.3.1

From: Tolkin, Steve
Subject: [h-e-w] problems with RCS rcsdiff and checkout co.exe in emacs 22.3.1
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 17:26:13 -0500

Summary: In Emacs 22.3.1 on Windows XP some RCS utilities, e.g. checkin
ci.exe and checkout co.exe, do not work. If I cannot get RCS to work I
am open to suggestions about the simplest upgrade to another source
control system. 

I recently upgraded to GNU Emacs 22.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of
2008-09-06 on SOFT-MJASON . 
I was formerly running GNU Emacs 21
In the former emacs the RCS utilities all worked.  
I use an RCS directory (not the approach of having a ,v at the end of
the file name.)
All files are on my local PC running Windows XP.  There are no network
files involved.

In the new emacs 22.3.1 I have some problems with the RCS utilities.
Below is the simplest example.   I also have a problem doing a checkin
of an existing file after making an edit.  This problem is a
"showstopper" for me using the new emacs.
In emacs I create a new file named e.g. foo22, type "foo", and "C-x s"
to save the file, and then "C-x v v" to checkin.
That all works as expected.  The RCS/foo22 file is there and looks -OK.
(See below.)

Then I say "C-x v v" again to checkout, but it fails, with this message:
vc-do-command: Running rcsdiff...FAILED (status 2)

If I work in the DOS box (aka command window) I can do rcsdiff, co, and
ci without any problems.
I believe that rcsdiff.exe calls co.exe and something about co.exe is
the root of the problem.

I looked in the archives of both these mailing lists
address@hidden and address@hidden without finding an

Here is the contents of the directory with the RCS utilities, plus a few
other related ones. 
I downloaded these years ago.  I think they are RCS version 5.7.  I
cannot find these on the web anymore. 

03/28/1999  05:07 PM            14,848 ci.exe
03/28/1999  05:12 PM            14,336 cmp.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM            11,264 co.exe
03/28/1999  05:12 PM            65,536 diff.exe
03/28/1999  05:12 PM            19,968 diff3.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             4,608 ident.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             4,608 merge.exe
11/13/2008  04:31 PM             2,693 o
03/28/1999  05:07 PM            15,872 rcs.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             6,656 rcsclean.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             7,680 rcsdiff.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             7,680 rcsdiff_keep_older.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM            54,272 rcslib.dll
03/28/1999  05:07 PM             6,144 rcsmerge.exe
03/28/1999  05:07 PM            13,312 rlog.exe
03/28/1999  05:12 PM            17,408 sdiff.exe

Contents of a new file, here named foo22, just after it has been checked

type RCS\foo22
head    1.1;
locks; strict;
comment @# @;

date    2008.;    author a071046; state Exp;
next    ;


@Initial revision

Thanks in advance,

Steven Tolkin 
Vice President
PWI Strategy and Architecture 

Fidelity Investments
400 Puritan Way M3B
Marlborough MA 01752
tel: (508) 787-9006 
steve . . tolkin @ @ fmr . . com

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