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Fwd: [h-e-w] Installing emacs

From: Richard M. Heiberger
Subject: Fwd: [h-e-w] Installing emacs
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:39:29 -0400

Power archiver probably did the wrong thing.  My guess is it did the gunzip
only and left you with a tar file.   It really is better to use gunzip and tar
from the command line rather than attempting to use the windows tools.


---- Original message ----
>Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 19:11:58 +0000
>From: "Cathalina Fontenelle" <address@hidden>  
>Subject: [h-e-w] Installing emacs  
>To: address@hidden
>I am a newcomer to this so here is a very basic question.  Tried installing 
>emacs on windows xp, downloaded the emacs.tar.gz file and extracted it using 
>PowerArchiver.  However, there was no bin directory and no executable.  What 
>is the problem and how to correct it.  I did check the archives, but the 
>links show 2003 and sent me to dead links.  Any help appreciated.
>Have a Nice Day :):):):):)

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