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[h-e-w] FW: Gnus,Gmail and sending email...success!Addendum

From: sivaram.neelakandan
Subject: [h-e-w] FW: Gnus,Gmail and sending email...success!Addendum
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 10:08:24 +0530

Another utility to completely do away with cywin, if you dont want to use it at all.  Note, I haven't tried mpop.

From: Martin Lambers [mailto:marlam @]
Sent: Sat 20/08/2005 23:04
Subject: Re: Gnus,Gmail and sending email...success!

On Sat, 20. Aug 2005, 22:39:17 +0530, address@hidden wrote:
> I use fetchmail coupled with ssl on cygwin to fetch my email with the
> following setup

If you need Cygwin just to run fetchmail, you might be interested in
mpop <> . It is a small POP3 client that
does not require Cygwin. The configuration is very similar to msmtp's,
because both programs share a lot of source code (I wrote mpop, too).

A configuration similar to the following should work for you:
--- mpoprc.txt
account default
user mlambers
password ***
tls on
tls_starttls off
delivery mbox c:\path\to\your\mailbox
keep on

This way, you do not need to run procmail at all (though you could do
it, using "delivery mda c:\path\to\procmail.exe -d your_user_name").
A Cygwin environment is therefore not necessary.

mpop supports maildir folders, too, but this feature is unfortunately
not yet ported to Windows systems.


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