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[h-e-w] gnus, cygwin & fetchmail

From: sivaram.neelakandan
Subject: [h-e-w] gnus, cygwin & fetchmail
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 13:54:19 +0530


Can anyone provide a minimal setup of how to get fetchmail & gnus work

I'm on win32 emacs 22 series(from crassuex site) with gnus 5.11 on Win XP
PRO with cygwin on c:\cygwin.  I managed to make fetchmail retrieve
mails using pop3 from gmail

poll gmail
         proto pop3
         user 'address@hidden'
         pass 'secret1'
         is 'sivaram'
the mail lands up in  /var/spool/mail/sivaram

with these log messages on console

reading message of 1 (2388 octets)
fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost failed
fetchmail: can't raise the listener; falling back to /usr/bin/procmail -d %T#***
**************************.*********** not flushed
fetchmail: POP3> QUIT
fetchmail: POP3< +OK Farewell.
fetchmail: 6.2.5 querying gmail (protocol POP3) at Sun Jul 10 13:33:28 2005: pol
l completed
fetchmail: normal termination, status 0


1) what do I plug into gnus.el file to read this email (preferably
nnfolder)? I'd preferably like to move the emails from the spool
location to c:/Mail automatically & in nnfolder format. The info on
mail sources has completely stumped me, I got so far and then blacked out.

(add-to-list 'gnus-secondary-select-methods '(nnfolder ""))
(eval-after-load "mail-source" '(require 'pop3))

(eval-after-load "mail-source" '(add-to-list 'mail-sources
  '(file :path "/var/spool/mail/sivaram")))

  (eval-after-load "mail-source"
    '(add-to-list 'mail-sources '(pop :server ""
                                      :user "address@hidden"
                                      :port 995
                                      :conection ssl
                                      :leave t
                                      :password "secret1")))

If I don't have anything in the gnus.el file but launch gnus-no-server and open 
in nndoc format, I'm able to see the mails but that's not ideal, is it?

2)  How do I /send/ emails via  From googling I
    u'stand, through gnus it's slightly difficult as it involves ssl/TLS
    so any external setup is also fine as long it doesn't involve
    sendmail! :-)  I already have ssmtp on the cygwin box, as well as
    openssl, if it's relevant.

Basically, how do I make gnus slurp up mails downloaded via fetchmail
in nnfolder format and also send emails without using huge programs
such as sendmail or exim.

config examples would help.



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