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[h-e-w] Lisp error using Mutt on Cygwin with NT Emacs Gnuserv

From: Ismael Valladolid Torres
Subject: [h-e-w] Lisp error using Mutt on Cygwin with NT Emacs Gnuserv
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 18:24:44 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.6i

Sorry for crossposting, but I think this message's content is
interesting for subscribers to both mailing lists.

I used to work with Mutt on GNU/Linux for many months, I just compiled
Mutt 1.5.6i on Cygwin. Definitely it sucks less than any other mail
client, at least a bit less than Mozilla Mail, and a lot less than any
other GUI client available.

However I found some issues and I'd like to get deeper into them.

Usually I run Cygwin bash using an rxvt terminal, with no LANG and no
LC_* environment variables defined. In my muttrc I set charset as
iso-8859-1. The pager shows correctly all LATIN1 content, including
accented vowels and such, but the index doesn't. Is there any
workaround for showing LATIN1 characters in the index without
recompiling getting into that --enable-locales-fix stuff?

I installed Cygwin's antiword, then In my muttrc I set:

auto_view application/msword

In my mailcap I set the following lines:

application/msword; antiword %s; copiousoutput; needsterminal
application/msword; %s doc; copiousoutput

I attach, this is a very small script that renames the
temporal file created by Mutt into one with the correct extension so
Cygwin's cygstart can open it with the proper application.

Having both entries in mailcap, the antiword one is always
executed. If posible, I'd like it to be executed via the auto_view
option when the pager shows the message, but the one to be
executed when I press `v' in the attachment browser. Can I manage

I like to use NT Emacs for composing. If I set this in my muttrc:

set editor="emacs"

Everything works nicely. However, as I am running Gnuserv, I am trying
to attach instead to an running NT Emacs. Something like this:

set editor="gnuclientw"

Doesn't work, as gnuclientw.exe returns immediately and Mutt thinks
that mail composing has finished. If I use this one instead:

set editor="gnuclient"

Communication between Mutt and NT Emacs is lost after a while, and
Mutt doesn't get the edited post, either. Any workaround?

I get post.el by Rob Reid. This is a nicety for composing mail using
Emacs. When it's loaded, however, I get into an *very small*
issue. When I finish composing and press C-c C-c for closing the
frame, NT Emacs debugger shows the backtrace attached. Nevertheless,
Mutt gets the composed mail without a problem.

Remind me of posting a small patch to post.el I am working on when
finished! :)

This for NT Emacs users. Any way to change the default permissions
NT Emacs uses when saving a file?

-rwxrwxrwx  1 ismaeval2  Domain Users  786 Jan 25 18:07 backtrace

I think this has something to do with inherited ACL from the parent
directory. This is pretty uncomfortable, It would be great that files
saved by NT Emacs showed up properly umasked when seen from a Cygwin

Any ideas will be useful, so thanks in advance!

Cordially, Ismael
Ismael Valladolid Torres    Oberthur Card Systems
Technical Support           C/ Manuel Tovar, 16, 1ยช pta., Oficina dcha.
address@hidden 28034 Madrid (Spain)
Web:     Tel.: +34 917 355 461 - Fax: +34 917 355 452

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