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Re: [H-client-devel] Translations in italian

From: Antonio Esposito
Subject: Re: [H-client-devel] Translations in italian
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 18:57:14 +0100
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On 11/10/2012 06:38 PM, Michał Masłowski wrote:
> Hi.
>> My friend Antonio Esposito has received an email, some days ago, from
>> a person (I forgot his name, sorry) who proposed translating the
>> h-client into Italian. I'm part (with Antonio) of the Italian
>> translation team of the Trisquel project and we are wondering what
>> this work will be.
>> So I wrote this email to you for understanding better what we will
>> have to do if we will accept this proposal.
> I assume you asked about the technical issues of translation, I cannot
> help with the other ones.
> h-client uses gettext for localization, if you have all the dependencies
> installed and the gettext command line tools do this:
> 0. Check that the "locale" command shows the language code you have.
> 1. Edit Makefile adding your language code to the line starting with
>    L10N (the xx_XX one from the output of "locale").
> 2. Run "make".
> 3. Edit po/xx_XX.po that was added.  There are specialized PO editors (I
>    use po-mode in Emacs, your package manager search probably can find
>    other ones), the files are easy to edit with a text editor.
> 4. Run "make" again so h-client will use it ("setup.py develop --user"
>    is a simple way to have the h-client from that working copy
>    installed).
> Send a patch made by "svn diff" (use "svn status" and "svn add" so the
> needed files are included in the patch) when your change is complete.
> Please report all problems you find on this list (e.g. h-client crashing
> on device submission, the commands I posted not working, nonoptimal
> English wording, typos, code problems that I should fix).
> If your translation would have incorrect plurals or similar
> language-specific problems due to the English text being translated,
> please report it.
> Have you discussed this with the h-node.org translation team?

Thanks for your advices.  We'll translate it into Italian  :-)


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