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Re: [H-client-devel] Client l10n

From: Michał Masłowski
Subject: Re: [H-client-devel] Client l10n
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 20:28:42 +0100
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(CCing the list, since this is an h-client code and documentation issue.)

> I've seen your work done on the Polish translation of the client, and
> i'm willing to learn how to setup translations.

The Polish translation is incomplete, partially since I haven't done the
needed changes to make most device-related texts translatable.  Some of
it is sent to the server and some is used in the code.

Help texts use a different translation solution.  Should I change the
code to include the messages directly, with if statements to choose
generic or printer-specific text?

> I've worked with POT/PO files before to translate the GNU website, but
> i'm not really aware about how that works. 

The code wraps complete US English messages in calls to various gettext
functions (e.g. there is a separate one to choose a correct plural
form), this probably needs improvements.

The Makefile does various strange things with it using gettext tools.
It should work correctly in revision 88.

The program will run using the translation for the locale used.

> Would you like to set me on the right direction on how to implement new
> translations for the client?

Add your language code to the L10N variable in the Makefile and run make
with correct locale (e.g. by setting the LANG environment variable
before).  Answer the questions of msginit and edit the .po file made in
the po directory.

When code or translation is changed, rerun make to get new messages to
translate or to use the new translations for next run of the program.

I use Emacs with po-mode (included with gettext) to edit these files,
Poedit is another popular tool for this.

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