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Re: [H-client-devel] missing gtkclient module

From: Antonio Gallo
Subject: Re: [H-client-devel] missing gtkclient module
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 13:14:28 +0100

> > <module 'hclient' from 'hclient/__init__.py'>
> There is also hclient/gtkclient.py?

yes it's there

> Running python from another directory would use the installed files,
> maybe it would get different results.
> I don't have this error on Parabola GNU/Linux-libre with Python 2.7.
> I'll check if it works with Trisquel 4.0 tomorrow.  Which distro do you
> use?

ok, I'm using Trisquel 4.0 with python 2.6.5

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