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Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 15:25:33 +0200


following our last General Assembly, we had unfinished business;
actually the Bureau forgot to invite for the second assembly, needed
since we did not reach the quorum of 2/3 of the members. Humble apologies!

So I would like to call an Extraordinary General Assembly for Sunday
July 3rd; if we do not reach the quorum of 2/3 of the members, there will
be a second Extraordinary General Assembly on Sunday July 17th. Actually
I think it may be enough to discuss and vote the topics online; if not,
we could also schedule a BigBlueButton meeting at 20:00 CEST (UTC+2).
(If you do not want to be present or vote online, you may have yourself
represented by another member, which you can indicate by email to
Simon <> or me; a member may represent at most
one other member.)

Two topics on the schedule of the Extraordinary Assembly:
- Validate the correction of the typos in our statutes suggested by Simon
  a long time ago. Simon, could you please send them again so that we could
  have a meaningful vote?
- Potentially change the name of the association, to make it less Europe
  centric. This requires, I think, a fair bit of email discussion, since
  as usual I would like to see a consensus emerge. At the last General
  Assembly, opinions were split as to whether such a name change was in
  order, and if yes, what it would be.
  So please start a discussion! The topic will be voted (it requires a
  2/3 of approval among the members who are present) if a consensus
  appears to emerge.

An Extraordinary General Assembly is also an Ordinary one. So I would also
like to correct a potential bug from our last assembly. We thought that it
would be nice that the Solidary Administrative Council contain more or less
all members, so that everybody could have an equal say. But since not
everyone took part in the assembly, some members dropped out. If you would
like to join the SAC, could you please speak up in reply to this mail?
Then we will vote on your inclusion.

This is also the occasion to urge you once again to pay your 2022 membership
fee; otherwise you will not be able to vote, which will make it harder to
reach the quorum. (I asked the SAC to exclude two members who are three
years behind with their membership fees, and we might also do so for those
who are two years behind, to avoid paralysis of the association.)

Looking forward to your contributions,


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