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Proposal for a future goal setting meeting

From: Oliver Propst
Subject: Proposal for a future goal setting meeting
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 12:19:50 +0200
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Hello everyone. Oliver here.

Right so I'm not sure how many of you had the pleasure of attending Guix Online Days about two month ago. I say pleasure because it was a true pleasure attending Guix Online days where I got such a strong sense of passion, love and interest from the community about Guix.

Now the reason I'm reaching out is because I thought that after Guix Online Days that it could make sense for us with an interest in Guix Europe to have have a meeting in a not to distant future where we could build upon the success and momentum of the Online days events figuring out what it would make sense for Guix Europe do in the near and medium term future. What do you think? I do think that there is still much potential in Guix and the sounding GNU/Linux ecosystem..

Now as with regards to dates for the next Guix Europe meeting I'm not sure but I'm attaching a farmadate poll here [0] with some suggestions on times and dates for a possible future spring meeting, and also a suggestion for items [1] to discuss.

Feedback on this proposal is very much welcome.


Kinds regards Oliver Propst

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