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Redundancy for source code and Disarchive

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Redundancy for source code and Disarchive
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 10:53:33 +0100
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Christopher Baines <> skribis:

> zimoun <> writes:


>> Do you think that Bordeaux could run
>>    <>
> The Guix Build Coordinator just builds derivations. I haven't got it to
> build a manifest before, but that's possible I guess.

It’d be great.  If you’re on-line today, I’d like to see how we can
achieve that.  (This manifest is not related to how Cuirass works; it’s
a way to make sure we keep source around and/or notice when it is

> There is one issue though, doesn't provide content
> addressed files in the same way guix publish does.

That’s a problem I’d like to fix.  We put a lot of effort in preserving
source code through different means; it’d be ridiculous to be unable to
retrieve tarballs that *are* available on the project’s machines.

Can we run ‘guix publish’ or bordeaux, possibly with additional nginx
routes?  Let’s discuss the details on #guix.

The last thing I’d like to discuss is Disarchive database replication.
The strategy I had imagined doesn’t work here:

One approach would be to periodically build
‘etc/disarchive-manifest.scm’ and to copy the result to persistent
storage, as is done on berlin:

Another one would be to rsync the whole directory from berlin.



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