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Re: How to test modified shepherd services

From: Simon South
Subject: Re: How to test modified shepherd services
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 09:08:35 -0500
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Nathan Dehnel <> writes:
> I modified a shepherd service to accept a new field from config.scm
> and I was wondering how to test that it works correctly.

Assuming this is an existing Guix service, it's probably easiest to
update the corresponding system test suite under gnu/tests (if
necessary) to reflect your change, then run the suite with "make
check-system" (setting "TESTS" to limit it to the service in question)
to make sure everything works the way you expect.

If you're planning on contributing the change to Guix it would be good
to submit it along with an updated test suite anyway.

The Guix manual has a bit of information about this in Section 2.3,
"Running the Test Suite":

Simon South

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