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Re: SSH service for Guix Home

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: Re: SSH service for Guix Home
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 13:40:12 +0300

On 2021-12-17 15:21, Xinglu Chen wrote:

> Hi,
> On Wed, Dec 15 2021, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> One service I miss for Guix Home is ‘home-ssh-service-type’, which is in
>> the “original” Guix Home.
>> Could you contribute a patch adding it?  (I could do it on your behalf,
>> but it sounds more logical to let you handle it.)
> Being the original author, I will hopefully try to work on it soon.  :-)

It works for me.  Would be very glad if you accomplish it.

>> Also, could you (or Xinglu, or Oleg) write a blog post for
>>, targeting an audience who’s not familiar with this kind
>> of tool, making it clear what the rationale is and what it can bring
>> to “normal users”?  It would be really helpful to have that published
>> within a couple of weeks or so, before the next release.
> That sounds like a good idea, I would be happy to help!

I will make a patch with skeleton of the post and will send it to you
and mailing list for review and discussion.  I think it is the easiest
way to cooperate on a blog post.

>> Last, it’d be great to see the three of you (and more people!) back in
>> action regarding Guix Home.  I understand that life sometimes gets in
>> the way, but it seems that there’s been some confusion as to how to go
>> forward—e.g., <>—which may partly
>> explain why things stalled.  If there are patches waiting for review,
>> also don’t hesitate to ping!
> Yeah, apologies for not being very active in the last few months.
> I think one of the problems is that there is not really any style guide
> for now to write services (I do have a WIP patch in my local tree that
> will document most of (gnu services configuration) though :-)).  We also
> lack a way to properly test home services; we would need something
> similar to what Nix Home-manager has[1][2].
> [1]: Nix code for configuring a program
> <>
> [2]: Expected content of the serialized configuration
> <>

Yep, having a workflow for writing guix service's tests will be also
cool.  I see a few files in test/services/, but it doesn't seem to have
a well-established approach, just a few functional tests.

Best regards,
Andrew Tropin

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