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Re: How to handle package udev rules?

From: Alexander Asteroth
Subject: Re: How to handle package udev rules?
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2021 09:20:18 +0100
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Now that the package is working and after I read the guidelines for
contributing a package description I was wondering one thing:

guix is not only guix system but also running as a packet manager on
other distros. But a package developed for guix system, has to handle
files like udev rule files differently from other FSH based
distributions. Therefore a package using e.g. udev rules will never work
without additional steps on other distributions.

What is the policy here? How do other guix packages deal with that?



On Mon, Dec 13 2021, 09:48:53, Γυψ <> wrote:

> [[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
> Dear Danny,
> thanks! That lead me on the right track. In fact it's just
>> sudo -E guix ...
> without the Varibale name. "-E" passes the whole environment to
> sudo. Now the package works (at least on my system) and the Logitech
> presenter can be used under EXWM+xcompmgr under guix-system - Great! I
> would be willing to provide the package description and maintain it if
> that's helpful. Have to find out about the necessary steps then...
> Cheers,
> Alex
> On Sun, Dec 12 2021, 23:37:06, Danny Milosavljevic <> 
> wrote:
>> [[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
>> Hi,
>> On Sun, 12 Dec 2021 21:58:14 +0100
>> wrote:
>>> If I change my operating-system config to inlcude udev-rules from
>>> package "projecteur" everything works fine - at least if I do it as a
>>> regular user. As soon as I sudo the guix system reconfigure command the
>>> package is known but it's code is not. Error message is:
>>> > $ sudo guix system reconfigure ~/etc/config.scm
>>> > ice-9/boot-9.scm:3329:6: In procedure resolve-interface:
>>> > no code for module (projecteur)  
>>> Could it be the case that sudo'ed the variable GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH is not
>>> known or not interpreted correctly? Does the package need to reside
>>> somewhere else than in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
>> Yeah, sudo is very paranoid. You need to pass -E GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to it:
>>    sudo -E GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH guix system reconfigure ~/etc/config.scm
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> [[End of PGP Signed Part]]

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