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Re: bluetooth-service: addition config vaules

From: Josselin Poiret
Subject: Re: bluetooth-service: addition config vaules
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2021 14:57:17 +0100


Demis Balbach <> writes:

> If someone can explain to me how to test and submit it myself, I'll do
> it. But I head that it's not as easy as submitting a patch for a
> package. I believe a seasoned contributer could submit something way
> faster.
> In any case, 
> Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
> Demis Balbach

I think this is pretty approachable, especially given the fact that you
don't need to write the whole service from scratch.

All of the following takes place in gnu/services/desktop.scm: the
options given to the service via the bluetooth-configuration record end
up being inserted into the gexp that the bluetooth-directory procedure
returns, which is itself used to build the actual /etc/bluetooth/
directory for the system (see "G-Expressions" in the manual if you want
more info about gexps, although you won't need to manipulate them for
this).  The contents of the main.conf file are generated with the
bluetooth-configuration-file procedure, which contains only basic string

So, in order to add new options to the bluetooth service,
you would need to only modify the bluetooth-configuration record to add
them, with proper defaults, as well as add the relevant lines in
bluetooth-configuration-file.  As to testing, you could simply run `guix
system build some-test-system-conf.scm` and check that the resulting
/gnu/store/xxxx-system/etc/bluetooth/ folder contains the proper
configuration file.  Ideally, you would also test if the features
themselves end up working properly, but I am hopeful that bluetoothd
will handle them just as well.

Good luck!

Josselin Poiret

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