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Re: Preservation of Guix Report 2021-12-06

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Preservation of Guix Report 2021-12-06
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021 19:33:17 +0100

Hi Timothy,

On Mon, 6 Dec 2021 at 21:02, Timothy Sample <> wrote:

>     <>

Thanks!  Really cool!

As mentioned in [1], upstream of one disappeared:

and the package had been removed by
0d2400ceca8d0a0358abaf4cd699e54ddad0e885 two months ago.  Hopefully,
we still have it in Berlin.

    guix time-machine --commit=3275c9e1f5 -- build -S guile-mkdir-p

However, it returns


So, it needs some work to push it to SWH and get the same checksum
01k20rjcv6p0spmw8ls776aar6bfw0jxw46d2n12w0cb2p79xjv8, IIUC.

1: <>

We have to investigate to these 3 ones:

    R "";;
    R "";;
    R "";;

because the Web front-end of SWH says 'successed' when archiving and
for instance,

but PoG asks for the commit 37b675be1d4d436cdd0c3b5d3f13e88b59a7bf18
which is not in, if I read correctly.  Well, the only reference of
djvu3 in the Guix repo is commit
b61ee34c9d7b679cb772e6e8ff0c0876ccf087b1 which indeed refers to commit
37b675b.  However, if upstream is cloned:

    git clone
    git -C djvu3 log --oneline | grep 37b

returns nothing.  Which probably means an upstream in-place rewrite.  Arf!

Berlin also has it.  However, again it requires some work to push to
SWH with the expected commit.

I have not investigated the two others.  Similar cases I guess.

Last, maybe I miss something but I do not see 'python-scikit-learn' or
'sway' when this bug#51726 is still pending.  Somehow, I have the same
question I tried to ask there [3].

2: <>
3: <>


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