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Reverse the naming of store items?

From: Jacob Hrbek
Subject: Reverse the naming of store items?
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2021 15:04:44 +0000

Currently we use /gnu/store/zzz16sfz4jxsdvf8j29rkd46psrc6dpj-emacs-ert-runner-0.8.0.drv for store items which are painful to navigate from CLI using bash's auto-completion as the first letter doesn't correspond to the package name which usually requires doing `ls /gnu/store | grep emacs` and then copy pasting the path to work with the store items.

Would it break anything if we changed the metadata order like: /gnu/store/emacs-ert-runner-0.8.0-zzz16sfz4jxsdvf8j29rkd46psrc6dpj.drv ?

-- Jacob "Kreyren" Hrbek

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