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Re: Update on

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Update on
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 23:04:22 +0100
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[space is running out on bayfront, so I wrote:]

Remember that I’ve got three 256G SSDs here that I could send to
wherever bayfront now sits. With LVM or a RAID configuration these could just be added to the storage pool — if bayfront has
sufficient slots for three more disks.

You wrote in response:

Good to know. In that case we’d need to come up with (1) an updated Guix System config with LVM, and (2) a way to copy the existing store over to the new storage, which sounds tricky if the existing disk is to
be kept.

We could first install Guix System with the adjusted bayfront config on a separate machine (e.g. on a build node at the MDC), onto a volume with LVM (using as many of the SSDs as needed). Copy signing keys etc from bayfront. Then we’d pretty much export/import the bayfront store over the network. Once everything has been copied, we turn off bayfront, swap the disks, boot it up again. If everything works all right we add the original disk (and any unused left-over disks) to the LVM volume to extend the storage pool.

The trickiest bit is to minimize the time between finishing the sync and swapping the disks.

(Also I think we’re down to 1.5 person who could go on
site. :-/)

Not great :-/


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