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[core-updates-frozen] Tryton broken

From: zimoun
Subject: [core-updates-frozen] Tryton broken
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 17:44:16 +0100


The branch core-updates-frozen will be merged soon.  Among some
breakage here or there, one block of broken packages is about 'tryton'
[1]: each points are sorted by alphabetical order, and the mouse on
the red point should provide the name of the package, then click leads
to the evaluation and from there you can access to the list of
dependencies, find the tryton broken one, click again, for instance
trytond-country, and last access to the log [2].

Well, this dashboard allow to quickly see the broken blocks.  To
directly find trytond-country, it is easy to go via:

The issue with 'trythond-*' is the new phase `sanity-check' for

Any chance that someone give a look before the merge?  Otherwise,
these broken packages could land to master; which would be sad.


1: <>
2: <>

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