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JIT and pax mprotect

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: JIT and pax mprotect
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 15:28:39 -0400
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In trying to build 3.0.2 on NetBSD 8, I get a permission denied failure
in JIT, because of PaX MPROTECT.  Disabling that (in the individual
file, or globally) allows things to work.   This is a security feature
that prevents  making writable mappings executable.

I would expect this to run into the same problem on GNU/Linux systems.
Has anyone run into that, and is there an accomodation for this?   A
quick egrep -R of the sources doesn't turn up anything.

I am guessing that basically the link line for guile should be doing:

  if OS in (NetBSD, ?):
     paxctl +m libguile/.libs/guile

pkgsrc's build recipe does this for the final binary, but guile is built
and then used during the build step.

(Also, it might be nice to have a nicer exit than a core dump in the
presence of mprotect, but that's not that important.)

(Will update to 3.0.3, but probably that is the same).


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