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Build Guile 1.8 with CMake

From: Pikachu Hy
Subject: Build Guile 1.8 with CMake
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 2020 19:51:29 +0800
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I'd like to introduce my guile cmake build scripts to you:
Its final target is to provide an MSVC-version guile, which is basic work of 
MSVC-version TeXmacs.
At present, you can use my cmake scripts to build guile 1.8 in ubuntu 20.04 and 
Windows mingw32.
In the future, I will continue to explore the way of providing well-running 
version guile 1.8 in Windows.



TeXmacs is an useful scientific editing platform, which depends on Guile 1.8 
I'm a heavy user of TeXmacs and almost use it everyday.
When the error occurs in TeXmacs, it's a terrible user experience.
Thus, I want to debug TeXmacs and custom it. Unfortunately, building a debug 
is not easy, especially my work heavily depends on Windows System.
There are many mingw version guiles in GitHub(search with keywords: guile 
My work bases on mingw-w64-guile1.8, which is used by Windows-version TeXmacs 
and use the mirror of guile


Current code host in:
Main scripts:
and others for test

Main difficulty: How to generate config.h?
I use a stupid but useful way, write all check cases one by one.
I think this maybe helpful for other projects when writing cmake script.

Another difficulty: How to generate xxx.x (e.g. alist.x)
In original code, it used a generated sh script named guile-snarf.
I write a python script with the same function to finish this work.
Notice that, I also write cmd scripts and sh scripts for the same work.
But finally, I choose python-version scripts as my default scripts.


My development IDE is CLion 2020.2 with its bundled cmake.

In ubuntu 20.04
Guile is built successfully and all examples run well.
All tests run successfully except document-related test.
I build the latest TeXmacs successfully and it runs well with both static and 
dynamic Guile library.

In windows 10 Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041, msys2/mingw64 (CLion check: w64 
Guile is built successfully, but crashes.
The main problem is the lengths of long and pointers differ.

In windows 10 Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041, msys2/mingw32 (CLion check: w64 
Guile is built successfully and run well.
Howerver, some examples run crash. (e.g. box-dynamic)
When I built the latest TeXmacs, I met the problem: sys/socket.h: No such file 
or directory

In windows 10 Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041, MSVC
Guile is compiled fail for no MSVC gmp library.
We should firstly compile the MSVC-version gmp. I find that,

Conclusion and Future work

This is just the first step to build MSVC-version guile(and MSVC-version 
Now we can use cmake to build guile, it is convenient to debug in CLion. 
(Although CLion supports Makefile in 2020.2).
Next work is to write cmake scripts for gmp and provide a well-running version 
guile in Windows.

Happy Hacking

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