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Re: [PATCH] add SRFI: srfi-121; generators

From: Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] add SRFI: srfi-121; generators
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 14:48:44 +0200

Am Mo., 3. Aug. 2020 um 21:41 Uhr schrieb Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen

> > I'm sorry to say it, but in my opinion SRFI-121 and SRFI-158 should be
> > deprecated and avoided.  The reference implementations do not match the
> > specifications, and the specifications themselves are self-contradictory
> > (see above).  Therefore, it's entirely possible that users of these
> > SRFIs may have contradictory expectations about how these procedures
> > behave.  Some may have read the spec one way, some may have read the
> > spec in a contradictory way, some may have learned from how the buggy
> > reference implementation behaves, and others may have learned from the
> > behavior of a different SRFI-121 implementation that doesn't have those
> > bugs.  At this point, I don't see how the problems can be fixed without
> > breaking some users' assumptions, and therefore breaking existing code.

> Of course, all this can be fixed, but by the sheer size of R7RS-large,
> I doubt that it ever will.

PPS That said, the more people are committing a bit of their spare
time to R7RS-large, the better the result will be. So if you are
inclined to improve SRFI 121/158 in the areas in which you have
perceived deficiencies, I am sure that John will put an improved
version on the next ballot.

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