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source and compiled file installtion locations

From: David Pirotte
Subject: source and compiled file installtion locations
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 02:15:34 -0300

Hello Guilers,

I'm still in doubt wrt guile-lib (as a matter of fact, could be any project) 
and compiled file location, and would like to hear what people think.

Most of us (if not all, copying each other I guess) install our project files 

        GUILE_SITE                      [ source files
        GUILE_SITE_CCACHE       [ compiled files
        $(datarootdir)/guile/site/GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION               [ source
        $(libdir)/guile/GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION/site-ccache     [ compiled

        [ for those of us who have a proper implementation and follow a --prefix
        [ given by the user ...

        [ other files (doc, libs if C coe...) follow GNU standards and honor
        [ --prefix if given ...

In my opinion, unless the project defines a user option, --use-guile-site [1], 
these locations are incorrect (except 'other files..], let me explain:

1-      no --use-guile-site

in this case, imo, locations should be

[ source
        [ compiled

2-      --use-guile-site

in this case, imo, location should be

        GUILE_GLOBAL_SITE       [2]     [ source files
        GUILE_SITE_CCACHE               [ compiled files

Wrt the former, it is because I think, unless the s/w source is not 2.0 and 2.2
compatible, there is no reason it should land in a GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION
subdir. If indeed the s/w is guile version dependent, then the former would be



[1]     I see some uses --with-guilesitedir

I have two remarks (quiz) wrt this: (a) in the doc (autoconf), you see that
--with-foo, defined using AC_ARG_WITH is related to enable the 'foo' external
lbrary, which is not our case; (b) --with-guilesitedir refers to GUILE_SITE_DIR,
which actually is the name of the m4 macro, the variable this macro defines is
GUILE_SITE, so I opted for --use-guile-site

[2]     see %global-site-dir in the manual

I defined a few guile-ext.m4 ('extensions '), here

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