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Re: feature request: simple hashbang for executable scripts

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: feature request: simple hashbang for executable scripts
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 02:00:46 -0400
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j kalbhenn <address@hidden> writes:

> scripts of other languages usually need just one line to specify the
> interpreter:
>     #!/usr/bin/myinterpreter
> but with guile we have to add a final !#
>     #!/usr/bin/guile !#

The shebang above does not work, because the "!#" is interpreted by the
kernel as an argument to pass to Guile before the script file name, and
then Guile interprets it as a file to load.  Unless "!#" is a file in
the current directory, this will fail, or at least it does for me.

>     or even
>     #!/usr/bin/guile -s
>     !#
> in my opinion, this is not ideal. from my perspective as a guile user
> this seems to be unnecessarily inconsistent and complicated.

There are advantages to the current approach, but regardless of what our
opinions might be about this, I don't see how we could change this now
without breaking a great many Guile scripts.  Since the earliest days of
Guile, "#!" has been comment syntax that terminates with "!#", and many
Guile scripts depend on this.

For example, it is quite common to put a shell script between #! and !#
that ends by running Guile on the same file.  It is also quite common to
put "-*- scheme -*-" on the second line to that Emacs will recognize the
type of the file.


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