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potluck, vlist redux

From: Stefan Israelsson Tampe
Subject: potluck, vlist redux
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 12:32:11 +0100


Just want to chime in to let you have a potluck another disch.

it is packaged C backed vlist and vhash routines
that can be used as a simple stand in for guile's vlist and vhashes. Use it if you want 
to see if faster vhashes or vlists can improve your code. It can also be used in the case
you need thread safeness. If so ask on the list and I will give you instructions of how to 
enable that. This is a temporary solution untill we get native  compilation.

A C implementation of guiles vlists and vhashes, as well as C boilerplate in 
case you need full C speed ideoms. Mainly use for testing to see potential 
speedsups if a fast vlist or vhash implementation can be used. THe future is in
a nativly compiled scheme implementation. Also this only works on 64bits 

* Prerequisit:
* 64bit environment
* guile-2.0 or guile-2.1 or guile 2.2
* libgc installed with include files
* pthreads

Go to the src directory and edit the makefile to match your system setup.
Then issue 
   bash from toplevel ot just make in the src directory

Add the module directory to the path and use

   (ise-modules (ice-9 c-vlist))

As a fast stand in for the scheme (ice-9 vlist)


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