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Re: GRUB 2.12 release, etc.

From: Pete Batard
Subject: Re: GRUB 2.12 release, etc.
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2022 11:49:27 +0100
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Hi Daniel.

Thanks for keeping the list posted on your release plans.

On 2022.06.10 18:20, Daniel Kiper wrote:
If you think some features and fixes should land in the GRUB 2.12 please
replay to this email.

Well, I sure would like the grub-mkrescue patches I posted on 06/06, that fix support for EFI file system transposition, to be included in the next formal release as, I am directly aware of this issue negatively impacting users of Proxmox and Super Grub2 Disk for instance, and I have validated that an updated grub-mkrescue would immediately fix the problem we've been seeing there.

And that is not counting how it would dramatically improve the lives of users who create EFI bootable media on Windows (for whom I believe have provided enough direct examples of how not having ISOHybrid media that supports EFI file system transposition is resulting in a very subpar first time experience... if they actually decide to boot their Linux media at all) as well as open the door to some very desirable modes of using the boot media, such as one drive installation (for which I gave an example with RPi4/ARM64, but which is far from being limited to SoCs or ARM64 -- for instance, because Debian does make a deliberate effort to support file system transposition, it is very much possible for anyone to perform a one-media system boot & installation of Debian 11 on AMD64 in UEFI mode).

In other words, I am currently sitting on way too many examples of how the lack of EFI file system transposition support for the grub-mkrescue produced ISOhybrid images is negatively impacting end-users, not to want to flag it as something that should be included as a matter of priority in GRUB 2.12.

Thank you,


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