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[PATCH v3] term/gfxterm: Preliminary HiDPI support

From: Zhang Boyang
Subject: [PATCH v3] term/gfxterm: Preliminary HiDPI support
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2022 16:29:06 +0800
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Changes in [PATCH v3 1/2]:

To avoid interger overflow during scaling, this patch intruduces GRUB_FONT_MAX_DIMENSION and GRUB_FONT_MAX_SCALE. The font loader will now reject bad fonts and glyphs.

Changes in [PATCH v3 2/2]:

Make behavior configurable through a new environment variable 'gfxterm_scale'.

Changes in [PATCH v2 1/2]:

It now caches scaled bitmaps in each corresponding glyph. So it can be reused if same glyph is used many times.

Best Regards,
Zhang Boyang

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