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[RFC] 64-bit boot protocol for Linux x86

From: wei zhang
Subject: [RFC] 64-bit boot protocol for Linux x86
Date: Sun, 22 May 2022 11:49:26 +0800

Hi guys,
If I understand the Linux boot correctly, GRUB 2 will drop Linux in a
32-bit protected mode,
using the Linux 32-bit boot protocol.
Since Linux has a 64-bit boot protocol, I'm thinking that we can make
use of that. On x86_64
target, if we can use 64-bit boot protocol, we'll drop Linux in long
mode directly, thus
less code executed in the GRUB side, and less code in Linux side.
Obviously it's cleaner to just use 32-bit protocol to boot both i386
and x86_64 kernel, but this
will not add much complexity.
Just new to this mailing list, am I missing anything?

Wei Zhang

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