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Re: [PATCH] net: Fix incorrect condition for calling grub_net_tcp_retran

From: Daniel Kiper
Subject: Re: [PATCH] net: Fix incorrect condition for calling grub_net_tcp_retransmit()
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 16:51:04 +0200
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On Wed, May 11, 2022 at 09:44:01PM -0500, Glenn Washburn wrote:
> The commit 848724273e4 (net/net: Avoid unnecessary calls to
> grub_net_tcp_retransmit()) needs to have its condition inverted to avoid
> unnecessary calls to grub_net_tcp_retransmit(). As it is, it creates many
> unnecessary calls and does not call grub_net_tcp_retransmit() when needed.
> The call to grub_net_tcp_retransmit() should only be made when
> grub_net_cards does _not_ equal NULL, meaning that there are potentially
> network cards that need tcp retransmission.
> Signed-off-by: Glenn Washburn <>

Reviewed-by: Daniel Kiper <>


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