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Display MAC in theme

From: Robert LeBlanc
Subject: Display MAC in theme
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2022 12:42:09 -0600

I'd like to display the current MAC address (net_default_mac) on our
theme for PXE booting to help with troubleshooting. I can't seem to
figure out from the docs how to either target the text box by id and
set the text in the config file, or have a variable rendered as part
of the theme. Can someone provide a pointer here?

+ label {
  id = "host_mac"
  left = 0%
  top = 100%-25
  color = "white"
  align = "left"
  text = "${net_default_mac}"

Thank you.
Robert LeBlanc
PGP Fingerprint 79A2 9CA4 6CC4 45DD A904  C70E E654 3BB2 FA62 B9F1

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