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[PATCH] cryptodisk: Fix Coverity use after free bug

From: Glenn Washburn
Subject: [PATCH] cryptodisk: Fix Coverity use after free bug
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2022 15:48:25 -0600

The Coverity output is:

  *** CID 366905:  Memory - illegal accesses  (USE_AFTER_FREE)
  /grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c: 1064 in grub_cryptodisk_scan_device_real()
  1058      cleanup:
  1059       if (askpass)
  1060         {
  1061           cargs->key_len = 0;
  1062           grub_free (cargs->key_data);
  1063         }
  >>>     CID 366905:  Memory - illegal accesses  (USE_AFTER_FREE)
  >>>     Using freed pointer "dev".
  1064       return dev;
  1065     }
  1067     #ifdef GRUB_UTIL
  1068     #include <grub/util/misc.h>
  1069     grub_err_t

Here the 'dev' variable can point to a freed cryptodisk device if the
function grub_cryptodisk_insert() fails. This can happen only on a OOM
condition, but when this happens grub_cryptodisk_insert() calls grub_free on
the passed device. Since grub_cryptodisk_scan_device_real() assumes that
grub_cryptodisk_insert() is always successful, it will return the device,
though the device was freed.

Change grub_cryptodisk_insert() to not free the passed device on failure.
Then on grub_cryptodisk_insert() failure, free the device pointer. This is
done by going to the label 'error', which will call cryptodisk_close() to
free the device and set the device pointer to NULL, so that a pointer to
freed memory is not returned.

Signed-off-by: Glenn Washburn <>
Having reviewed the Coverity error, I believe this is the fix needed to resolve
the use after free reported by Coverity. However, I do not currently have
Coverity setup, so I don't have a way to test if this is both necessary and
sufficient to resolve the Coverity error. Regardess, I do believe that is does
fix a real use after free bug.

 grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c | 9 ++++-----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c b/grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c
index 497097394..e7c4795fd 100644
--- a/grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c
+++ b/grub-core/disk/cryptodisk.c
@@ -889,10 +889,7 @@ grub_cryptodisk_insert (grub_cryptodisk_t newdev, const 
char *name,
   newdev->source = grub_strdup (name);
   if (!newdev->source)
-    {
-      grub_free (newdev);
-      return grub_errno;
-    }
+    return grub_errno;
   newdev->id = last_cryptodisk_id++;
   newdev->source_id = source->id;
@@ -1044,7 +1041,9 @@ grub_cryptodisk_scan_device_real (const char *name,
     if (ret != GRUB_ERR_NONE)
       goto error;
-    grub_cryptodisk_insert (dev, name, source);
+    ret = grub_cryptodisk_insert (dev, name, source);
+    if (ret != GRUB_ERR_NONE)
+      goto error;
     goto cleanup;

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