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Remotely choose a menu entry

From: Brugnara Daniele
Subject: Remotely choose a menu entry
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2014 01:10:28 +0000

Hi all.

I'm thinking about a system that boots with a wol packet. Who sends this packet in 99% of cases, is far away from that computer and it could be useful to boot into a different system instead of the default one. (please keep in mind that changing the default option in grub is not a option for this specific use case)

If a wol can be delivered successfully, an UDP packet containing simple datas should be enough to achieve this.

Something like this:

- MAC: the destination device mac address
- choice: a number (can be empty)
- commandLine: a full commandline (a choice or this..)
- more? I don't know for now..

This option should be enabled in the grub.conf by the user.

What do you think about? Could this be useful? Am I missing something, like a tool that does this automagically?

I've read about an eth-to-serial but it's not what I want.
PXE or bootp is not an option here. I don't want to manage another server... 

Thanks for your time.


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