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Re: conf/Makefile.common fails with automake 1.11.2 in step

From: Keshav P R
Subject: Re: conf/Makefile.common fails with automake 1.11.2 in step
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 03:20:13 +0530

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 02:03, Seth Goldberg <address@hidden> wrote:

 Will this continue to work with older automake as well?


Quoting Keshav P R, who wrote the following on Wed, 28 Dec 2011:

  grub2-bzr r3732 fails to compile in Archlinux x86_64 with automake
1.11.2 due to upstream change

Due to this change pkglib_{DATA,SCRIPTS} is invalid. It needs to be
pkgdata_{DATA_SCRIPTS} due to which grub2 modules are not longer installed
at /usr/lib/grub but at /usr/share/grub. I added --datadir=/usr/lib and
--datarootdir=/usr/share to ./configure to workaround this problem, but
this is a dirty hack.

Since this seems to be a well discussed change among automake devs, I don't
think they might revert back. Therefore grub2 need to use a valid prerix
for DATA and SCRIPTS. I have attached the patch I have used (in combination
with --datadir configure option). Please fix this. Thanks in advance.



From what it seems, pkglib_DATA seems to be invalud, for a long time. Only now (automake 1.11.2) it leads to an error. The actual error is

conf/Makefile.common:140: `pkglibdir' is not a legitimate directory for `DATA'
conf/Makefile.common:150: `pkglibdir' is not a legitimate directory for `SCRIPTS'

This error does not occur with automake 1.11.1 . I think pkgdata_DATA will not create any problem with older automake. The problemn is by uisng this, the modules and lst files are installed in /usr/share/grub instead of /usr/lib/grub (unless --datadir=/usr/lib is passed to ./configure). So now either automake devs should revert back thta commit, or (according to automake upstream) grub2 should use pkgdatadir instead of pkglibdir for DATA and SCRIPTS (i.e. modules and lst files).



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