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ISA Option ROM booting capability

From: UrJiZ
Subject: ISA Option ROM booting capability
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 17:05:32 +0200

I thought that someone might like to test the ROM booting capability,
so I made a tarball of my grub2/romboot directory (stripped all
binaries). The file can be downloaded from (or if that server is
down then ).
A short howto follows.

You will need:
- grub2 sources and all grub2 compilation requirements
- nasm
- romboot.tar.gz

For testing, the easiest way (for me atleast) is qemu. Bochs might work too.

first configure and build grub2 normally
then unpack the tarball to the grub2 folder, it will create a new
folder called romboot.
cd romboot
<modify modules.lst if you like to>
<take a look at romgrub.asm, grub-mkrom (it's a shell script),
romchk.c if you like to>
then you will (if all went ok) have core.img and romboot.bin in that
folder (for the first run it also compiles romchk)

I've only tested using qemu and real hardware, so here it goes for qemu:
qemu -option-rom romgrub.bin <some file for a hard disk, even
/dev/null will work>
Be ready to press scroll lock when qemu comes up. (I've missed it a
few times...)

The real hardware part is (i think) too long to explain here, and it's
the same as with romos, so:


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