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Re: [PATCH] Handle C symbols with leading underscore (HAVE_ASM_USCORE)

From: Christian Franke
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Handle C symbols with leading underscore (HAVE_ASM_USCORE)
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 21:52:40 +0100
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Robert Millan wrote:

diff -rup grub2.orig/kern/dl.c grub2/kern/dl.c
--- grub2.orig/kern/dl.c        2007-07-22 01:32:26.000000000 +0200
+++ grub2/kern/dl.c     2007-11-11 18:01:50.578125000 +0100
@@ -53,6 +53,12 @@ typedef Elf64_Sym Elf_Sym;
#endif +#ifdef HAVE_ASM_USCORE
+# define SYM_USCORE "_"
+# define SYM_USCORE ""

Should this be global?  We already have START_SYMBOL and END_SYMBOL.  Perhaps
this should be next to them?

START_SYMBOL and END_SYMBOL are in config.h. SYM_USCORE is derived from a config.h symbol and therefore cannot be placed there without changing

The symbol is (and likely will be) only used once, so it IMO makes no sense to declare it non-locally.


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