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Re: Outline menu

From: Amin Azez
Subject: Re: Outline menu
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 15:56:34 +0000
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* Vesa Jääskeläinen wrote, On 06/11/07 21:37:
Amin Azez wrote:

At the same time, can we consider supporting specification of
alternative short menu texts, suitable for display on 16 character LCD

I'll be doing some work on grub-legacy to support boot menu's on such
serial-port based displays as soon as I get a firmware update from one

I hope grub 2 can consider this early on.

It will be more modular than old grub legacy hacks. But I fear you need
to hack this yourself :). Basicly current idea is that you just
re-implement viewer/controller module for the menu.

But using both serial (text terminal) and graphical menu could be an
issue that could be solved... could be nice feature for servers as a
backup control.

I will hack it support of the display myself, but I want the config file to recognize that some displays are small and support provision of an alternate small-title.

I want this to be a property of a menu entry, specifiable in the config file, representable in the menu item structs, etc. That much is beyond my scope as it affects grub2 as a whole.

Perhaps it would be simpler to just suggest something as simple as tab character would delimit the short text from the full text, rather than make the changes I suggested. It would be a hack and less intrusive, but I would rather grub2 had the capability to deal with constrained displays.


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