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grub2 efi patches

From: Alexandre Boeglin
Subject: grub2 efi patches
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2007 00:06:31 +0100
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Here are a few patches for grub2, against cvs head:

grub2_arg_doubledash.patch fixes a bug in the handling of the '--'

grub2_efi_chainloader_options.patch adds support for efi chainload options,
it is not really beautiful (for instance, the ascii to utf16 conversion),
but it works for the MacOSX loader,

grub2_efi_grub_prefix.patch uses the grub_prefix variable to set the prefix
environment variable, instead of the directory in which grub.efi is. This
allows to have grub.efi and the modules in different folders, and the old
behaviour should be preserved, if the grub_prefix is an empty string,

grub2_efi_halt_reboot.patch adds support for the reboot and halt commands,
provided by efi runtime services.


P.S.: I sent the patches as attachments, I don't know if they will be
discarded by the list robot or not ...
Alexandre Boeglin
email: alex (at) boeglin (dot) org
jabber: alex (at) im (dot) apinc (dot) org

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