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Re: Grub Memory Map - Processor

From: Andrei E. Warkentin
Subject: Re: Grub Memory Map - Processor
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 12:14:53 -0500


You may use the CPUID instruction to correctly identify the processor your code is executing on. GRUB does not provide such information as part of the Multiboot info. 

Andrei Evgenievich Warkentin
Cell: (+1) (847) 321-15-55

29.10.2007, в 12:00, Juan_2007 писал(а):

I need to make a Project for the University and i wanted to know if any of
you guys, knew if the Grub left any information regarding the type of
microprocessor that the computer is using.  i know the grub leaves
information about the amount of memory and i suppose it does the same with
the microprocessor, if any of you have any clues about it, or where can i
get that info, i´ll be glad to know.  The GRUB webpage has an incomplete
manual, and the part of the memory map y incomplete so i can´t read it from

Thanks, Juan.
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