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Re: [PATCH] Fixed ieee1275 console

From: Marcin Kurek
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fixed ieee1275 console
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 23:57:44 +0200


> Caught you! ;-)

Holy shit. Lesson one take one more look at diff before send it :)

> I know it seems burdensome, but please can you split this in three patches, 
> one
> for each fix?  Then it's easier to review just one and say "this is good", and
> also easier to figure out why every hunk was done (since one knows what we're
> trying to archieve).

Hmmm, I can try, but generaly splitting this fix has only a little
sense as all of these patches depends on each other. Anyway I will
send splited patches tommorow.

> > +      /* It seems no cls escape is available then simulate it using \n 
> > flood */
> > +      int x = (grub_ofconsole_height * 2) - grub_curr_y;
> Maybe this would be easier to understand as "(grub_ofconsole_height -
> grub_curr_y) + grub_ofconsole_height".  What do others think? :-)

Hmmm, good point looks better IMHO.

> Nice.  On which firmware variants did you try this?  I can try efika (stock
> firmware) if you haven't yet.

I tired on Pegasos 1 with ancient OF revision, Pegasos 2 with Sven
unofficial one and Efika and it works in all cases.

> In your code there's a condition in which _serial is set to 0 and _fb is
> left unset (as 0).  Is this intended?  Sounds like a bug.

Not this is not a bug. We can heve 3 cases here:

1) True serial console. In this case  recent versions of OF set stdout
name and type to "serial" (_serial = 1, _fb = 0) In this case we want
to use simple frames.

2) On the screen terminal without framebuffer (fb-mode not existing or
set to 0x0x0) In this case we will get type "serial" (As it not
supports pixel operations) and name "display" as this is not real
serial console. (_serial = 0, _fb = 0) In this case we can use cp437

For old versions of OF this case need to catch "bootconsole" too.

3) Console with framebuffer (fb-mode != 0x0x0) In this case we will
get type to "display" or "vga" (_serial = 0, _fb = 1) In this case we
can not use cp437 frames as vga font used by OF maps only first 127
characters ;( I put this in to separate case as we can still use
framebuffer interface to draw some frames or try to load a working
font, etc.

I use 'true serial' as a safe default if detection fails for some reasons.

--- Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek ---

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